All indicated times are based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT, London)

Time (GMT)Thursday, December 3rd 2020
12:00-12:30lndustry Sponsored Symposia
12:45-13:15lndustry Sponsored Symposia
13:30-13:35Introduction from the SSIEM President
Gajja Salomons (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
13:35-14:30Adult Group Session
Chair: David Cassiman (Leuven, Belgium)
13:35Educational programme for Adult Metabolic Medicine
Sandra Sirrs (Vancouver, Canada), Annalisa Secchi (Udine, Italy)
14:00Update on complex lipid disorders
Fanny Mochel (Paris, France)
14:30-15:00Archibald Garrod Award Lecture
Eva Morava (Rochester, United States)
14:35Archibald Garrod Award Lecture
Clinical, radiological, and genetic characteristics in patients with ACO2 gene defects: an emerging neurometabolic syndrome
Ronen Spiegel (Afula, Israel)
15:15-17:00Invited lectures
Chairs: Ute Spiekerkoetter (Freiburg, Germany), Fanny Mochel (Paris, France)
Metabolic cutis laxa and The Golgi
Björn Fischer (Berlin, Germany)
The International Classification of lnherited Metabolic Disorders,
Carlos Ferreira (Bethesda, United States)
Shamima Rahman (London, United Kingdom)
Johannes Zschocke (Innsbruck, Austria)
News from the FDA: Orphan drug development
Patroula Smpokou (Maryland, United States)
In vivo gene therapy for Metabolic Diseases: state of the art and future
Nicola Brunetti Pierri (Naples, ltaly)
Developing therapy for ultra-rare inherited metabolic disease: lessons
from Niemann-Pick disease type C
Marc Patterson (Rochester, United States)
17:15-18:00Komrower Lecture
Introduction: Gajja Salomons (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Elucidating the causes of metabolic disorders: the new veins to explore
Emile van Schaftingen (Brussels, Belgium)
18:00-19:00Late breaking news
Chair: Manuel Schiff (Paris, France)
An autosomal dominant neurological disorder caused by de novo variants in FAR1 resulting in uncontrolled synthesis of ether lipids
Sacha Ferdinandusse (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
A novel brain and heart developmental syndrome caused by impairment of the mitochondrial one-carbon metabolism enzyme SHMT2
Aurora Pujol (Barcelona, Spain)
A new neurological disease due to PGM2L1 deficiency leads to defective production of glucose-1,6-bisphosphate, but not to a glycosylation defect
Maria Veiga-da-Cunha (Brussels, Belgium)
GFUS-CDG, a new glycosylation disorder treatable with L-fucose
Saskia Wortmann (Salzburg, Austria)
19:00-19:50SSIEM Annual General Meeting
(all SSIEM Members invited but RSVP)

19.50-20.00A message from the ICIEM 2021
Closing remarks
20:00-21:00lndustry Sponsored Symposia